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Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

4,701,389 Feet, my best score yet.

Pretty fun game, and lots of very powerful powerups.

During that run, I got just 1 million $ from cash bags, and just a bit over 500K $ from distance alone... not that I have anything else left to buy.

To the people saying "miles"... it'd make more sense, yes, what with space being at 1000 feet high, but the distance is still measured in feet, so 700K miles? that would be a whole frickin' lot.

I'm only missing one medal atm, "burn 50 times". I've also got some that aren't even in the medal screen, like "Radioactive" or "Golden Shell". Those are secret medals I presume?

CellCraft CellCraft

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lovely game, however...

I got stuck at some point. Not because I couldn't manage to beat the level, but because I just couldn't.

When I died in the Gator's stomach (membrane burst), I hit retry. Now, I'm stuck with no membrane (even though the rest is there), and 0 of every ressources. trying "restart" doesn't work. Hitting "Quit" goes to a black screen with the game over popup of the membrane bursting.

Possible Glitch?

&amp;gt;&amp;gt; Musik Marathon &amp;lt;&amp;lt; >> Musik Marathon <<

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Loved it.

Yup. Takes a few tries to get the coordination right, but it's possible. At first, I thought it was space bar for the cracked walls, so I got owned, but then checked the "how to" and it explained perfectly, just had to try it in-game after that.

I then thought the wall would just burst and disappear, but no, there's a hidden obstacle within. Lovely, makes you stay on your toes because they can come fast lol.

I take 1 point off because I say it should've been longer :p

Definetly make a 2nd one!

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- Music in Motion - - Music in Motion -

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Can't Jump? wth?

Yeah, I played, the concept seems interesting, but for some unknown reasons, it spazzes out randomly and the character won't respond to controls, and if he can't jump, then you end up getting stuck against a block while waiting for the screen to kill him. with only three lives, which go down fast because that problem arises often, I could not get past stage one. I give you a score of 3 for the concept. The rest, you could've put 2 or 3 different tracks at least, so it's not always the same thing, the graphics could've been much better, and controls were quite horrible, what with it spazzing out and not responding.

Pandemic Pandemic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great Game.

Great game. It's an awesome idea to exploit. More options would be nice though, like choosing where you start, which water plant or airport you want to infect (when you can). It could be wise to not infect them ASAP. wait a couple of days after you are able to so people don't think it's the same virus.

the trick to global infection is to be patient. boost the infectivity as much as possible (water diffusion and airborne transportation as well as body fluids) and make it last longer before bursting. (longer incubation time). it would take longer before getting deaths, but if the virus doesn't pop up, people can travel from one continent to another without knowing and then BAM, it pops up and infects everyone.

what's next?

once ALL areas are infected, max out your lethality stat to crush them all for good! mwahahha. all in all though, great game.

Denvish Stage Dive Denvish Stage Dive

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, like the song.

I did 150, but could keep going forever because I managed to keep "denvish" straight above the Q/A/Z guy and all I had to do was hit those 3 keys over and over again. I could've gone to whatever the limit is (if there is one) but after Tom's head rips through the background, there really is nothing else to see.

graphics aren't bad, style is good, the song is really funny, there's no violence, unless you think that the audience is "punching" denvish, interactivity is good, but could've changed letters faster to give a better challenge, and the song was quite funny as I said earlier. Overall, a good and funny game, but not gonna play 'till 5000 points